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Caregiver of the Month

Janet Bond-  Caregiver of the Month February 2017

Janet Bond is new to Avid Home Care, but in her short time in working for us she has been wonderful. She goes above and beyond for her client. Thank you Janet for being an amazing caregiver.

LaShea Johnson-  Caregiver of the Month December 2016

LaShea is an amazing caregiver.

She is reliable and dependable. She truly takes the time to learn and bond with the clients. She is so caring and willing to go the extra mile to make sure the clients are comfortable. Thank you LaShea for being such an awesome caregiver!! 

Terry Mao-  Caregiver of the Month November 2016

Terry is a fantastic caregiver. Every client she has calls to tell us how  wonderful and caring she is. She is a delight to be around. She is reliable, dependable, and she truly cares about her clients. Thank you so much Terry for all of your hard work!

Toni Orsulic-  Caregiver of the Month September 2016

The caregiver of the month for September is Toni Orsulic. Toni has been with us for a couple of years(even before Avid!) She is very dedicated to her clients, and works very hard to always do the right thing.  We have had very difficult cases that Toni has taken and made it look easy.  I rarely hear from her, she always busy doing her job quietly.  We are grateful to have her.  She is also a new Grandma! Thank you Toni.

Tiffanie Levy -  Caregiver of the Month June 2016

The caregiver of the month of June is Tiffanie Levy. When you need anything, call Tiffanie! She is such a delight to everyone around her. Always so quick to respond and ready to go. Anytime we send her to a client, new or long standing, they fall in love with her. We are so happy to have you on the Avid team. Thank you for everything you do Tiffanie you are a real rockstar!
Shari Gardner -  Caregiver of the Month May 2016

Shari Gardner has been with Avid Home Care for a short time, in that time she has made a huge difference in the clients lives as well as the office. She is reliable, smart, and does above and beyond her job. We are so thankful and lucky that she is apart of our Avid team. Way to go Shari! Thank you for everything that you do.

Nancy Baron -  Caregiver of the Month February 2016

This is our caregiver of the month Nancy Barron. She has never hesitated to take a shift we needed cover. Nancy is a dream employee! She is always on time and always prepared for whatever comes her way. A truly caring person. It is caregivers like Nancy that make Avid Home Care so different from other home care agencies. Thank you for everything that you do for us and our clients!
Sharon Grigsby- Caregiver of the Month January 2016

Sharon Grigsby is our caregiver of the month for January. I am so thankful to have found someone like Sharon. She has been such a great addition to our Avid family. She will always go the extra mile for us, and her clients. Every client that she has been to has called me to rave about her. I asked her what her secret is, and she told me that she likes to hear about their lives. She asks her clients to talk about themselves. Some of our clients don’t have many people to talk to. She likes to hear about them and what they like. She is very selfless and truly cares about others. We hope to have her for a very long time. I value her integrity, she is such a great person. Thank you Sharon for everything you do.

Nichole Villa - Caregiver of the Month December 2015

Nichole is our caregiver of the month.  She has such a “can do” attitude.  No matter what needs to be done, there isn’t a home she can’t handle.  Her skill along with her gentle demeanor, makes her someone that clients ask for.  I find myself saying a lot, “No, sorry, Nichole isn’t available!”  We feel very lucky to have found her, and are very proud that she has chosen to work for Avid Home Care.  Thank you so much Nichole!

Valeria Sotelo - Caregiver of the Month November 2015

Valeria has quickly become an invaluable caregiver to us.  She jumped right in and was so caring and wonderful.  She has been working with a client that is on hospice and has a very challenging schedule.  She cares for this client as though he were family.  Which is how we feel at Avid Home Care about our clients. We are thankful to have found her and hope to keep her for many years!  Thank you for all you do Valeria, it does not go unnoticed.  

Tai Owens - Caregiver of the Month September 2015

Our caregiver of the month for September is Tai Owens. Tai is an absolute joy to be around. She brings a smile with her everywhere she goes. She brings out the mischievous smile in her clients too! I get at least one call every 2 two weeks from her client’s daughter telling me how wonderful Tai is with her Mom. She comes up with such creative ideas to keep her clients engaged and communicates so well with the family members. Everyone loves her and we are so lucky to have found her. Thank you so much from us, we think you are fantastic!

Patty Seymour - Caregiver of the Month August 2015

Patty Seymour is our caregiver of the month for August. There is so much to say about Patty! She is always there to help our clients with no questions. She cares so much and has such a passion for caregiving. Whenever I ask Patty if she is able to spend some extra time with a client, she usually interrupts me before I’m done with “Yes! I would love to!” I love having Patty to send to a client, she is loved by  all of them. We are so proud to call her part of the Avid family. Thank you so much for everything you do!

Cruz Aranda - Caregiver of the Month July 2015

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